Electronic Frontier Foundation Defenders of your rights. Please visit and donate if you can.
Google Best search out there
Ars Technica My absolute favorite website. The forum is teh win and RoX0rs my b0xoRs!
Penny Arcade My favorite web comic. I waited 13 long months to get a copy of their book and it was worth every minute of waiting.
BNL blog.com My favorite band's blog. I learned how to make a wicked sexy paper airplane from it.
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant The Simpsons Archive. I submitted to the episode capsule for The Cartridge Family (5F01) but no one ever got back to me. :(
IRON CHEF Morimoto is the man! And I love Ota Shinichiro, too.
Babel Fish Need to translate something in Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish? Just visit the fish!
IMDb Internet Movie Database (it's cooler than it sounds)
The Jargon File Mmmm geek jargon. Try looking up "hacker" and "cracker."
Internet Health Report Can you tell when the net feels slow?
Wil Wheaton He's quite the Internet geek and knows his stuff. For example, he's been in a celebrity boxing match vs. Barney to benefit the EFF.
Kernel Traffic Excellent concise weekly summary of the Linux Kernel Mailing List

Last Updated: June 14th, 2003

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