On Feb 14th, 2002 (yep, V-day) Maine governatorial candidate Jonathan Carter came to Colby try and collect signatures from Greens to get on the ballot and to futilely attempt to extract $5 for the Maine Clean Election part of his campaign. I think only two students had the cash, but we ended up getting 40 or so signatures. Apparently he got around 100 signatures when he went to Bates... for shame. He also gave a talk later that night, but very few people showed up seeing how it was Valentine's Day.

Anyhow, here are some pictures from the festivities.

The first two are me and my roommate with JC in the fishbowl collecting signatures (I'm not a dirty hippie, I just hadn't shaved yet), the third is me waiting around for the talk in the Pugh Center, and the fourth is the actual talk - my head is just off screen to the left on the other end of the couch in the foreground; the back of Kyle's head is on the right.

It was a very cool experience. I first saw JC when the professor for a philosophy class I was taking had invited him to speak to her environmental ethics class and let anyone interested tag along. Anyhow, between the signature collecting in the morning/afternoon and the talk at night we took him to eat in Dana, one of our lovely dining halls. He liked Colby's unbleached napkins :)  It's very cool to be having dinner with the guy you're voting for.

Author: Kevin Septor <kjseptor at colby.edu>