Never buy a computer from IndyBox Systems, Inc.

Might as well fly the flag. Ladies, please check out Why Geek Dudes Rule

Apparently someone up in the administration thinks you don't care about Colby's history. Well then, I guess it's up to me to get the word out about Colby's anti-gravity stone.

Q: Why did the raisin go out with the prune?
A: Because he couldn't find a date.
It's my favorite joke. :) I got it from a creamsicle in Bobs.

Sick of Macrovision interference or the S-Video on your ATI TV Wonder not working under Linux? Follow my nifty instructions and your bttv card will be fine in no time.

Curious as to where Colin Ligertwood is hiding the source code to WavTools 1.3.2? I was too, but then I found it and made a page with links and information about it.

If you haven't guessed yet, I like to write code.

I had a hard time tracking down Open Sound System(tm) documentation so enjoy the fruits of my labor with the Programmer's Guide (version 1.11). The Video4Linux (V4L) site is also down so here's a copy of the 2.4.17 DocBook in HTML format and here's a copy of the API I pulled from 2.4.19 (2.4.18 version here).

I'm starting to think Google sucks at finding files. Mark Vojkovich's xvinfo

Speaking of difficult things to track down... Colby students might enjoy a partial list I've compiled of good videos the library has.

RFC for 'ph' on colby0. Example Usage: 'query kevin' or 'query location="Small"' Anyone know the appropriate man page or other non-specification usage help? I haven't found anything good on the 'net.

Do you think the default XMMS skin isn't all that hot? How about giving the old 0.9 skin (screen shot) a whirl.

Want to try my game in progress?

Ever wondered what's in the East Quad Mechanical Room? Now you know.

Want to learn how to use JNI in 2 minutes?

I like getting non-commerical e-mail, please send me some <kjseptor at> and I'll tell you about Colby's CS department or whatever else you might be interested in.

The world wide web wouldn't work without links to other sites.

You're still here, hum? Well, maybe you'd like to find out a little more about me before you go.

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